Residencies are awarded on a ongoing basis.  Fees are on a sliding scale with work exchange possibilities.  We ask residents to pay between $400 and $1200 depending on what they can afford per month. 

We provide the space and heavy equipment.  You will need to provide your own materials personal tools etc.  You will be provided a private room and access to a shared kitchen and bath.  You will need to make your own meals.  Couples are welcome with an extra cost.  We will be happy to provide rides to the grocery store or bus station all other travel you will need to arrange. 

There are many shared work areas and private work space will be arranged according to your needs.

Respect for the facilities and others is required.  There is plenty of space a opportunities for socializing and fraternizing but all attendees must clean up after themselves and respect the needs for quite time and the personal space of others.