An Art Incubator and Production Facility

Upstate NY


Highly Authorized is a small artist run facility with the equipment, space and resources to bring your vision a reality.




Our Vision

We believe in art and it's power. We know that it's hard to find space and resources in the city to build your next large scale piece. We are practicing artists and understand that cost should not stand in the way of making your ideas a reality. We found a place and turned into a center to help artists create their ideas. We have space, a wood shop, a metal shop, indoor artist's studios, endless projects and endless inspiration from nature around.

The compound

The compound is located on the west side of Hudson Valley's beautiful Shawangunk Ridge.  We sit between the town of Ellenville and Minnewaska State Park.  It consists of 8 structures amounting to 20k sq feet and three acres of land.